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FotoJames Friel
Email: james.friel@unimi.it
Cicle: XXXV A.Y. 2019 - 2020
Title: Genetic characterization of the expansion of the subtropical genus Asimina to cold climates … read more

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Conferences / Workshops:
Starting Date Ending Date Title Place
04/09/2019 07/09/2019 World Petunia Days Gargnano, Italy
09/11/2020 12/11/2020 Solanaceae Genomics Network online
17/04/2021 17/04/2021 Virtual Ohio Pawpaw Conference online


 Genetic insights into the modification of the pre-fertilization mechanisms during plant domestication
Silvia Manrique, James Friel, Pietro Gramzio, Tomas Hasing, Ignazcio Ezquer, Aureliano Bombarely
Journal of Experimental Botany

 Gene dosage compensation of rRNA transcript levels in Arabidopsis thaliana lines with reduced ribosomal gene copy number
Francesca B Lopez, Antoine Fort, Luca Tadini, Aline V Probst, Marcus McHale, James Friel, Peter Ryder, Frédéric Pontvianne, Paolo Pesaresi, Ronan Sulpice, Peter McKeown, Galina Brychkova, Charles Spil
Plant Cell

 Comparative Analysis of Genotyping by Sequencing and Whole-Genome Sequencing Methods in Diversity Studies of Olea europaea L
James Friel, Aureliano Bombarely, Carmen Dorca Fornell, Francisco Luque, Ana Maria Fernández-Ocaña



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