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PhD Course in Molecular and Cellular Biology

Research Project Summary XL CYCLE – A.Y. 2024-2025

Project leader: Annalisa Bucchi
Molecular basis of cardiac arrhythmias … read more

Project leader: Carlo Camilloni
Molecular modelling of biomolecular self-assembly processes … read more

Project leader: Graziella Cappelletti
Looking at the role of microtubule dysfunction and stress-related pathways in pathological alpha-synuclein aggregation … read more

Project leader: Graziella Cappelletti
Flourish or perish: pro-regenerative epigenetic programme to sustain axonal sprouting of peripheral nerves - IRCCS Besta … read more

Project leader: Elena Cattaneo
Evaluation of the identity, functionality, and immunogenicity of grafts of neurons or organoids derived from stem cells transplanted into an animal model of Huntington's Disease in association with neuroprotective treatments … read more

Project leader: Elena Cattaneo
Development of a stem cell platform for studying cag somatic instability in huntington's disease through single-cell dna sequencing and transcriptional profiling of brain organoids and treated hd animal brains … read more

Project leader: Matteo Chiara
Development and application of bioinformatics methods for the analysis, integration and interpretation of omics data … read more

Project leader: Lucia Colombo
Studies of molecular and genetic mechanisms controlling the reproductive systems of plants to increase their productivity … read more

Project leader: Lucio Conti
Multilevel integration of water deficit signals in the floral network … read more

Project leader: Alex Costa - Maria Cristina Bonza
Deciphering Osmotic-Induced Long-Distance GLRs-Mediated Calcium Waves in Plants During the Recovery from Drought Stress … read more

Project leader: Isabella Dalle Donne
Oxidative stress-mediated effects of conventional and electronic cigarette smoke on pulmonary surfactant production and secretion in differentiated ATII alveolar cells … read more

Project leader: Diletta Dolfini
Investigation of alternative splicing dysregulation in stomach Claudin low tumors. … read more

Project leader: Ignacio Ezquer
Genetic biodiversity study in crops to improve seed quality … read more

Project leader: Alessandro Fantin
Defining novel molecular and cellular mechanisms that promote angiogenesis in neovascular diseases … read more

Project leader: Fabio Fornara
The relationship between flowering and stem elongation in rice … read more

Project leader: Paolo Gandellini
Functional analysis of dependency-associated non-coding RNAs to discover novel vulnerabilities of human cancer … read more

Project leader: Veronica Gregis
Adapting reproductive meristems development in response to climate changes in Arabidopsis thaliana and Oryza sativa for yield improvement … read more

Project leader: Martin Kater
Unraveling regulatory pathways that control inflorescence architecture in rice … read more

Project leader: Roberto Mantovani
Molecular basis of DNA-binding and functional cooperativity of human Transcription Factors  … read more

Project leader: Eloise Mastrangelo - Alex Costa
Structural-based antiviral drug discovery and delivery system optimization … read more

Project leader: Graziella Messina
Development of Multiple approaches to modulate Nfix in Cancer and Muscular Dystrophy … read more

Project leader: Anna Moroni
Engineering of synthetic ion channels activated by remote stimuli … read more

Project leader: Marco Nardini
Structural biology on transcription factors and on their interaction with DNA … read more

Project leader: Giorgio Perrella
Unveiling the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms related to environmental changes … read more

Project leader: Paolo Pesaresi
Searching for the best allelic variants responsible for the pale green leaf phenotype in barley … read more

Project leader: Paolo Pesaresi
Identification of 8 aa cyclic and linear peptides to be used as sustainable alternative to conventional pesticides in agriculture.. … read more

Project leader: Katia Petroni
Role of flavonoids in the prevention of inflammation and related molecular mechanisms … read more

Project leader: Katia Petroni
Unveiling the role of chlorogenic acid on anthocyanins bioactivity: a multi-species case study.. … read more

Project leader: Stefano Ricagno
Structural and biophysical characterization of the amyloidogenic proteins responsible for systemic amyloidoses … read more

Project leader: Luca Tadini
Molecular dissection of intracellular signalling pathways involved in chloroplast repair and degradation in Arabidopsis thaliana and barley … read more

Project leader: Thomas Vaccari
Growth potential of 29 T-dark genes associated with rare glial tumors … read more

Project leader: Federico Zambelli
Development and implementation of cloud-oriented bioinformatic methods, tools and workflows … read more

Project leader: Mario Milani
Biochemical and structural analysis of novel chimeric RNA binding proteins for gene therapy to suppress pathological inflammation in Multiple Sclerosis … read more

Project leader: Giuseppina Caretti
Studying he methylase SMYD3 role in chromosome instability, in breast cancer … read more

Project leader: Marco Muzi Falconi
Novel factors regulating genome stability at non-canonical chromosomal structures in normal and cancer cells … read more



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