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PhD Course in Molecular and Cellular Biology

Research Project Summary XXXVII CYCLE – A.Y. 2021-2022

Project leader: Andrea Francesco Barbuti
Cav-1 expression for limiting membrane stress and electrical alterations of cardiomyocytes of patients with caveolinopathies and muscular dystrophies … read more

Project leader: Stefano Biffo
Single cell analysis of the translatome of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes … read more

Project leader: Beatrice Bodega
Dissecting non-coding genome function to identify novel epigenetic regulators in T lymphocytes maturation … read more

Project leader: Federica Briani
Molecular characterization of disease-linked human polynucleotide phosphorylase (hPNPase) variants … read more

Project leader: Annalisa Bucchi
Inflammation and Sinus Node Disease … read more

Project leader: Carlo Camilloni
Integrative modelling of molecular recognition processes by molecular dynamics simulations … read more

Project leader: Graziella Cappelletti
Regulation of microtubules and RNA metabolism interaction in the neuron-astrocyte crosstalk during Parkinson’s Disease … read more

Project leader: Elena Cattaneo
Study of Huntingtin function and dysfunction in neuronal cells … read more

Project leader: Lucia Colombo
Genetic maternal contribution controlling seed development … read more

Project leader: Alex Costa
Elucidation of molecular mechanisms involved in systemic signal propagation upon wounding and herbivory attack in plants … read more

Project leader: Diletta Dolfini
Role of transcription factor NF-YA in tissue specification in mouse embryo development … read more

Project leader: Alessandro Fantin
Defining the molecular and cellular mechanisms by which tissue macrophages promote angiogenesis in neovascular diseases … read more

Project leader: Fabio Fornara
Defining the function of rice florigenic proteins during the reproductive transition and inflorescence development … read more

Project leader: Paolo Gandellini
Functional dissection of noncoding RNAs regulating NFY transcription factor in human cancer … read more

Project leader: Michele Mazzanti
Study of the antiproliferative effect of metformin combined to transcranial stimulation in glioblastoma cellular and animal models … read more

Project leader: Louise Gourlay
Structure and functional studies of self-assembling multi-enzyme nanoparticles for continuous redox biocatalysis … read more

Project leader: Martin Kater
Modifying phyllotaxis in Brassica seed crop species for yield improvement … read more

Project leader: Graziella Messina
Development of genetic and pharmacological approaches to cure Muscular Dystrophies … read more

Project leader: Anna Moroni
Mechanisms of enzymatic control of HCN4 (funny current) channels in cardiac pacemaker myocytes and rhythm modulation … read more

Project leader: Andrea Saponaro
cryo-EM Structural studies of the HCN2 channel for future terapeutical treatments of chronic pain … read more

Project leader: Moira Paroni
Counteracting inflammation triggered by P. aeruginosa-activated lung-infiltrating Th1/17 cells: a novel approach for precision medicine in CF … read more

Project leader: Marco Muzi Falconi
G quadruplex as sources of genome instability: identification and characterization of novel mechanisms and factors in cancer cells … read more

Project leader: Marco Nardini
Integrated structural biology on transcription factors and their interaction with DNA … read more

Project leader: Achille Pellicioli
Studying the functional role of PARP1 in DNA double strand break processing to target cancer cells … read more

Project leader: Paolo Pesaresi
BarPLUS: improving photosynthesis in barley to increase the production of biomass that can be converted into biofuel … read more

Project leader: Alessandra Polissi
Breaking Gram-negative bacteria outer membrane permeability barrier as a strategy to develop of next generation antibacterial drugs … read more

Project leader: Stefano Ricagno
β2-microglobulin amyloid aggregation promotes Multiple myeloma progression: towards the understanding of the molecular bases … read more

Project leader: Elio Rossi
Identification of novel bacterial virulence factors and inflammation determinants associated with persistent lung infections in cystic fibrosis patients  … read more

Project leader: Thomas Vaccari
New regulators of autophagy and endo-lysosomal trafficking in cell and in vivo models of disease … read more

Project leader: Federico Zambelli
Development and implementation of cloud-oriented bioinformatic tools and workflows … read more



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