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FotoMichela Lapi
Email: michela.lapi@unimi.it
Cicle: XXXIII A.Y. 2017 - 2018
Supervisor: Marco Nardini
Title: Structural analysis of transcription factor/DNA complexes … read more

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PhD Courses:
Starting Date Ending Date Title Place
05/04/2018 06/04/2018 Instruct/CIISB course on Fragment Screening Prague (CZ)

Conferences / Workshops:
Starting Date Ending Date Title Place
28/05/2018 30/05/2018 Proteine 2018 Verona (IT)

Structure of the heterotrimeric protein NF-Y in complex with its inhibitor: Suramin. The complex is superposed with target DNA of NF-Y to show the inhibition of Suramin occurs in DNA contacts with NF-Y, therefore Suramin can impair NF-Y binding to the DNA.



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