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PhD school in Molecular and cellular biology

Application for admission

Application is made by completing the following steps by 1pm, 4 September 2017:

  1. registering online on the University portal at the webpage – Accesso rapido – Servizi – Registrazione (LINK). This operation is not required by those already registered on the portal or in possession of University access credentials (final year students or those who graduated from the University of Milan less than a year ago);
  2. accessing (by means of access credentials) the SIFA online services at Servizi online SIFA – LOGIN (LINK);
  3. submitting an admission application through the following steps: Servizi di ammissione – Ammissione ai corsi post laurea – Dottorati di ricerca (LINK);
  4. paying a non-refundable fee of €50 (for selection costs) by credit card or using the MAV (only in Italy) form generated by the online service.

    Detailed information avaible at PhD XXXIII cycle general call for application




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